Prideful Pachuco

Conozca a Pancho Pachuco, este hijo de puta con estilo más caliente corre el mejor clandestino en la ciudad, y él lo sabe también! This character is based off the deadly sin Pride. The challenge was to create a character with this attribute, and making him part of a sub-culture of a previous decade. I thought the zoot suit culture in the 1930-40's would be perfect. The bright colored suits and excessive use of fabric were flaunted with pride during this time. The style was popular amongst Chicano, African American and Italian American youth. The Chicanos sporting these suits were called Pachucos, and so I decided to make a Pachuco gangster and placed him in the prohibition era. Below are early character studies and a scene illustration showcasing this prideful pachuco in his natural habitat, an underground speakeasy. I had alot of fun with this project. I think there is alot to develop and could see myself making a whole graphic novel on this character.

Here is the final sketch with color sample. The color changed in the final to adhere to the proper lighting. Although I had to speed through the process, I was happy that I achieved the right mood for such a place.